Veronica Perez


Before I started Zac’s program, I didn’t want to leave the house because none of my clothes fit. Diet? Try telling a foodie she needs to go on a healthy eating plan. But seeing a pic of Zac cooking appealed to me because for me to stick to a diet that’s going to be part of a lifestyle change it has to taste good. Zac’s meal plan is delicious, and together with effective workout routines, I can now say after only 8 weeks, I have the confidence to wear a bikini. Goal accomplished! But I have learned from Zac to set new goals, so I’ve signed up again to see where he could take me. Don’t think you’re too old to embark on this fitness journey! I’m forty-eight and I’ve used my age for so long to make excuses for my weight gain. So change that mentality and stop making excuses. Zac can customize a program that will help you reach your goal. I cannot recommend his services enough!

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